Award Month

Your award month is the month that you will be “awarded” your usage and can start booking your reservation for the year.

The award month is common for points-based timeshares, but can be present with some weeks-based ownerships. The award month represents the month of the year that you are “awarded” your timeshare usage. For example, when you purchase your ownership, you will be assigned a month ranging from January to December in which you can start booking your next reservation. Most clubs let you keep usage inside your account for up to two years from the date that you were awarded the usage. So, your award month is usually the same month that your usage will expire, just 24 months later.

When booking your next trip, it may be a good idea to plan far in advance, and start booking as soon as you receive your usage. Many clubs will allow you to cancel your reservation if you call them a month or more in advance, so booking early will almost never hurt you. It will just open up a lot of booking inventory that you would never have available to you normally. Keep in mind these numbers, as far as expiration dates or cancellation windows are resort specific. Meaning, you will want to check your particular club’s guidelines for their particular rules.

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