Availability is the measure of how easily you will be able to book a certain location or time of the year, and is based on the desirability and total number of units available.

With deeded properties, availability is rarely an issue because those owners have early priority to those weeks and rooms. With a certain amount of time before check in, the rooms/villas become available to everyone within the timeshare club for booking. At high demand locations, these extra rooms and villas will fill up quick and planning ahead is key to getting the sought after properties.

Availability also a large part of when you are trading or exchanging your week/points. When you are going through a timeshare exchange, they offer the weeks that have been deposited by other people who want to trade. Rarely will someone get the exact week and property that they want. Having some flexibility on weeks or locations is going to make this process as easy as possible.

Knowing where and when you want to go early as well as booking early are the best ways to ensure availability for the vacation that you want.

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