Amenities are the special features of a timeshare resort. Popular timeshare amenities include pools, hot tubs, tennis courts, on-site restaurants, in-suite laundry and full kitchens.

Timeshares are known to offer incredible amenities especially when compared to hotels. Features such as in-suite kitchen or laundry facilities are unheard of in the world of hotels, and is one of the biggest reasons so many travelers choose timeshares. This unique feature set allows you to come close to recreating the comfort that you feel at home, rather than sacrificing basic amenities, such as a kitchen. The addition of a fridge and a kitchen can lend itself great to people who require or choose a special diet where they need to prepare each meal themselves, and can’t rely on eating out for their entire vacation.

Amenities differ from attractions in the sense that amenities are on the property, yet attractions are the many off-property benefits that “attract” travelers to that particular area. This mean resorts that are in the same general area may have the same attractions, yet different amenities inside each respective resort. If you are traveling to visit a specific attraction, you may be able to be more flexible about what exact resort you book, because another neighboring resort may feature the same attractions.

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