Affiliated Resort

An affiliated resort is a resort that has been built by a separate developer and then enters into an agreement with a timeshare club. These properties are typically managed and run by the timeshare club in order to maintain the standards of their vacation Club.

Using affiliated resorts, a vacation club can expand the number of properties available to their customers. With more properties, their owners are more likely to trade for properties within the club rather than going to a different vacation club. Trading for weeks within your own club can be easier than using an exchange company.

These properties are managed by the timeshare club and they will have the same service and quality that you would expect. The fact that these properties have been built by other developers does not affect the resale value of your ownership. A high demand property will fetch a far greater asking price than one that has a lower demand. Some of the more sought after properties are ones in which a developer has entered into an agreement with the vacation club.

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