Accelerated Use

A program, in some right-to-use timeshare clubs, where the booking time that is available to the owner can be used in shorter amount of time than originally allotted.

The concept of Accelerated Use is exclusive to right-to-use timeshare programs, where the owners contract will expire after a certain amount of years. When an owner utilizes Accelerated Use, they are allowed to use their weeks more frequently than their schedule planned for originally. To give you an example, say you own a right-to-use timeshare and can use a week each year for the 10 year length of you right to use contract, you can speed up the time it takes to use up your 10 weeks by booking multiple weeks per year.

You may find this flexibility as a big advantage since it lets you plan your trips based on the needs you have each year. If you want to or need to travel multiple times in the year, Accelerated Use can be really useful when compared to the conventional way of using your ownership, just keep in mind that your ability to do this is limited by the rules in your original contract and the availability of your club. If you are looking to book multiple weeks back to back at a desirable location, you may need to start searching inventory 9-12 months out so you can make sure to get what you are looking for.

Some clubs have restrictions on booking back to back reservations, or may have a cap on how many weeks you can book within a 12 month window. Just refer to the contract you signed when you bought your ownership to see what restrictions you’re looking at with taking advantage of Accelerated Use.

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