Destinations Club Points Values for Interval International Exchanges

Interval International’s DC points conversion table based on a 7-night stay and unit size

Your DC membership dues will cover your annual membership for Interval International. DC Points can be exchanged with II for stays at non-Marriott resorts. Requests for a reservation through Interval International can be placed up to two years in advance but a hold will be placed on the amount of points needed for the transaction. Members may cancel these requests or wait for them to be fulfilled.

Interval International uses a separate system for deciding the value of your Destinations Club points trade, based on a standard 7-night stay. So, if you look in the description, you can find a link to II’s Travel Demand Index, or TDI, which will show exactly how many points it will cost you for each trading scenario.

Watch our video on How Marriott Destinations Club Works by being completely awesome and clicking the link.

UPLOADING  1 / 1 – II Travel De…ndex TDI.png ATTACHMENT DETAILS  II Travel Demand Index TDI