Clarification on HGVC Activation Fees

Are you confused about what it actually costs to buy an HGVC timeshare in 2016? We constantly get asked by our clients what fees are involved beyond the purchase prices listed on our website for HGVC resales. In this article we’ll be answering just that! We thought we would try something different, and show you a question the owner and President of our company answered on the popular timeshare forum TUGBBS (Timeshare Users Group Bulletin Board System), then expand on the subject with a few addition insights. So, Let’s get started…

Question From TUGBBS

HGVC Activation Fees from the 2014 Fee Schedule
Enrollment Fee $ 250
Membership Transfer Fee $399
First Year Activation Fee Voluntary $399

What is the difference between these fees and when do they apply?

I’m guessing….
– New HGVC Developer Resorts owners have to pay a one-time Enrollment Fee. Do existing HGVC owners have to pay this fee as well for each new week obtained?
– Affiliate resorts owners have to pay a one-time Membership Transfer Fee + First Year Activitation Fee. Do existing HGVC owners or Affiliate owners have to pay both fees for each affiliate week obtained or only the first year activation fee?

Answer From Seth Nock, Owner of STS, INC.

If you buy a Hilton on the resale market, the following fees apply:

Developer Property:
$35 Estoppel Fee (pay off letter) – valid for 30 days or you will have to pay it a second time
$399 Transfer Fee
$535 Activation Fee
Standard Closing fees

Fees for affiliated resorts vary.

The Bay Club is $50 transfer fee + $250/ Every Other Year Interval enrollment fee

Other Affiliates can have estoppel fees/ transfer fees and or Enrollment fees. Those vary per property.
Seth Nock

So, let’s expand on what Seth had written in his response, and give you a little more information on these fees.

When The Fees Are Due

For the estoppel fee, transfer fee, and all closing costs, these fees will need to be paid prior to, or on the day of, closing. Some brokers demand full payment at the beginning of the process, but we generally fund the seller’s escrow account a $1,000.00 deposit (for large purchases up to 15% of the sale price) on the day of signing the purchase agreement, with the remaining balance due at closing. This can vary from broker to broker. Private party sellers may ask to have the full purchase price deposited into escrow prior to starting the right of first refusal process.

For all situations, the activation fee will be paid after closing, directly to Hilton. This is a one-time fee, and will have to be paid prior to utilizing the ownership for booking.

Closing Costs

Closing costs can vary from broker to broker, and even from deal to deal, but generally are under $600.00. Our company uses a licensed, bonded, and insured closing company to ensure to safety of our buyer’s deposits, as well as the accuracy of the title, before and after recording.

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