Can Travel Extend Your Lifespan and Increase Happiness?

Everyday is an opportunity to make choices that lead to a happy, healthy body and mind, but could you be missing one of the most important factors in overall health? Sure, we work out, watch what we eat, and try to think happy thoughts, but have we forgotten the health benefits of getting out of your routine and immersing ourselves in new and novel experiences? Science is increasingly proving that individuals who travel have happier, healthier, and even longer lives than their non-traveling counterparts.

I’m Listening, Now Show Me The Proof…

A recent study performed by the European Society of Cardiology followed 1,200 men who were exhibiting one or more indicators of heart disease such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, being overweight or smoking. I was shocked to find that those who reported failing to use all of their vacation time from work were 37% more likely to die, and when measuring what metric had the greatest impact, vacation time was interestingly found to be more important than choosing healthy foods or even exercising.

European Society of Cardiology Statistics for All Cause Mortality

An additional study by Allianz Global Assistance strongly points to the fact that those who don’t take an annual vacation are about twice as likely to exhibit the signs of depression. With the knowledge that more than half of Americans did not choose to take advantage of their vacation days in 2017, it is becoming clear that our culture of break-neck progress, and cut-throat expansion is not doing our country’s health any favors.

What Does This All Mean For Your Health?

The common thread throughout these findings seems to revolve around the human body’s limited ability to deal with our modern stressors. In our current work environments, we are bombarded by strict timelines, angry phone calls,  way too many emails, never-ending to-do lists, oh and make sure you file those taxes on time! The ability to disconnect from these high-stress situations, and become immersed in a new world has real physiological effects on the body that are not just a scientific measurements to be counted in a spreadsheet. These experiences contribute to your overall enjoyment of life itself in a tangible way!

How Does Timeshare Resale Fit In This Conversation?

As science continues to give us the permission we’ve been waiting for to take our vacation time without guilt, we hope to see more and more families looking into the affordable options offered by timeshare resale. Many of the families we’ve worked with have been able to invest in annual vacations for much less than they ever thought possible. Most families really enjoy knowing they always have a fabulous and novel travel experience to look forward to.

Don’t hesitate to contact us, if you have any remaining questions about how saving over 50% on your purchase can help you achieve your dream vacations that not only build lasting memories with the ones you love, but prolong your health and lifespan at the same time!