Can I Rent My Banked RCI Week?

Can I Rent My Banked RCI Week?Renting is a common practice in timeshares. If you are unable to use your home week or weeks in a particular use-year, renting is a reliable option. However, renting your banked RCI Week is, more often than not, forbidden. There are a few ways to rent your timeshare and in some cases you can rent a week already banked in an exchange company.

Renting Your Banked Week

There are a few companies that handle exchanges that will allow for owners to exchange their timeshare and then rent out that exchange to another party. Redweek and Starwood (internal only) are two such companies that allow this practice.

RCI and Interval International (II) are the two largest exchange companies in the business but do not allow for exchanges to be rented out. For those who break the rules can potentially lose their membership temporarily or permanently. There is also the risk that if your renter is found out at the location, he/she will be without a place to stay for that week.

Guest Certificates for RCI ReservationsGuest Certificates

If you want to allow someone else use your week, RCI and II offer guest certificates that owners may give to friends and family to use. However, you are not allowed to charge anyone for the cost of the timeshare week because it is supposed to be used as a gift. Front desk agents have been known to ask certain questions of guests using the guest certificates to see if they paid for them or not.

Please be sure to contact us if you have any questions about the rules and regulations of a banked timeshare week.