Buying a Westin Resale Timeshare on the Secondary Market

Westin Vacation Club is a small boutique-sized vacation club that is under the larger Starwood Vacation Network. Working with an experienced and licensed timeshare broker who knows the market can ensure that you purchase your ownership at fair market value without any upfront fees.

What Do You Get With Westin?

Westin Vacation Club is a separate entity than their hotel brand, and is now under the umbrella of the Starwood Vacation Network. This means that Westin owners have access to all of the Starwood, Sheraton and Westin resorts. Not only will owners have the resorts within the Starwood Vacation Network but they will also be able to trade their week for thousands of other resorts using Interval International (II). This is a powerful tool to get the most out of your ownership. The Starwood Vacation Network (SVN) has property in some of the most desired vacation destinations but II expands the options to cover just about every location on the globe. Take a look at our Westin Resort Directory for the various locations comprising Westin Resorts.

Buying the Right Westin timeshare resaleBuying the Right Westin

As with every timeshare club, buying the right property is important. With Westin ownerships, even though you receive points every year to book with, the amount of points that an owner receives is based on which resort, unit size and season they are deeded to. You can view the StarOptions points charts here to help understand exactly how many points each deed will be awarded.

Below you’ll find an example points chart for Westin’s Willow Villas resort. As you can see the different seasons offered as well as unit sizes for this resort below. For example, if you own a deed at Desert Willow Villas that is a 2 Bedroom in the Platinum Plus, you’ll be receiving 148,100 points annually, which you can use to reserve the exact week that you are deeded to, but also you can use your points to travel to other resorts in the network. You can even use your points for multiple smaller reservations. This can be done if you book smaller unit size, during a less-desirable season or at a resort that requires a smaller amount of points.

Westin Desert Willow Villas in Palm Desert Points Chart Example

Knowing which resorts you wish to visit and trade to or finding a resort that you want to go to year after year is important. Fortunately, the flexibility of a timeshare ownership allows you to change your mind and use your timeshare points however you see fit. Starwood has their own set of rules and conditions about exchanging and using your timeshare ownership. TUG is a great resource for those who prefer a forum format. Owners can talk with experienced owners who have been in the timeshare network and view other owners’ questions.

Buyer’s Rights

Since the beginning of timeshare vacations, there have been scams littering the industry and giving timeshare vacationing a bad name. Future and current timeshare owners now have access to libraries of information about current and past scams and how to avoid being a victim. To help the timeshare community clearly understand advanced concepts, Selling Timeshares Inc. has taken a proactive approach by constantly releasing educational articles and videos in the name of consumer education. Our company offers a glossary of the most commonly used terms in the timeshare world, as well as many informative articles about avoiding scams as well as ways to protect yourself when buying. We know how great timeshare ownership is and want to make sure that we protect our buyers.

We also believe that buying resale is the best way to enjoy a timeshare ownership. Many timeshare clubs use the timeshare presentation to sell their inventory. These presentations are notorious for using high-pressure sales tactics to convince people to buy an ownership that they may not want, or may not even be able to afford. Tactics such as offering free trips and lavish gifts have been used for years to entice potential buyers into the presentations where high-pressure sales teams try to pitch their products. The cost of these gifts, trips and sales teams are wrapped up into the high cost of the developer-direct sale price, which cannot be recouped when selling the ownership on the secondary market.

Selling Timeshares Inc. believes that the right approach to buying is offering an educational, pressure-free experience. We want our customers to know they are getting the best deal on an ownership that is perfect for them and their family. Our consultative approach allows us to offer many different ownership scenarios that will meet you travel needs, at a cost that is a fraction of the developer’s presentation costs.

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