Buying A Timeshare Online (Video)

Hi, My name is David Van Norman. I’m a licensed agent with Selling Timeshare, Inc. and today I’ll be talking to you about how you can purchase a timeshare from the comfort of your own home, without ever setting foot in a presentation, all while saving thousands of dollars. So let’s get started…

Why Buy Your Timeshare Online?

  • One of the first things you’ll notices is that timeshares that are listed online by licensed resale brokers can carry vastly reduced prices. Many ownerships are sold for less than 50% of what they sell for at the presentations on the resale market.

  • You will have the ability to choose from many different resorts or vacation clubs. When you go on a tour of a resort, the salesperson will be motivated to sell you what they have, rather than finding the vacation product that best fits your personal style of traveling.

  • Due to the fact that at the presentations only have you there for 1 or 2 hours, they’ve become synonymous with a high pressure sales experience. Most brokers on the resale market realize you’ll need time to make your decision and won’t have the same urgency to get you to decide right then and there.

Understanding How the Process Works

  • When someone who buys at the presentation wants to sell, they will turn to brokers to list their ownership for sale

  • The broker will market the ownership online as well as many other avenues. The broker should only get paid when they sell the ownership, so their motivation is to get a buyer as soon as possible.

  • Once a buyer is interested in making an offer, the broker will voice the offer to the seller in a contract form. The seller can counter, decline or accept the offer. Once the price has been agreed upon the broker will begin the transfer process to put the ownership in your name and get you on the road to making your first reservation.

Why Online Resale Is So Effective

  • Buying your perfect timeshare is about viewing the right listing at the right time, the more listings you see, the better chance you will have at finding the right ownership at the right price.

  • Google alone logs over 400 million unique visitors doing about 2 billion searches per day, this allows for an extremely large number of people to be reached very quickly.

  • When coupling search engine marketing strategies and a large advertising budget, online resale brokers can target buyers more effectively than ever before and more importantly, reach an audience that is actually reaching out for their services.

What’s the Catch?

  • With the vast majority of ownerships, you will receive the exact same ownership benefits that the original owner enjoyed. There are some ownerships that don’t transfer certain benefits, so make sure to talk to your broker about the implications of buying a resale account. You may surprised to find that in most cases, you’ll get the exact same ownership, just for much less.

  • There may be additional closing and transferring costs associated with processing your transaction. Again, this is resort specific, so be sure to go over these details with your broker, and make sure to have all details in written into a purchase agreement for your review.

  • You won’t receive any presentation gifts from a resale company, but this doesn’t stop you from going to a presentation before contacting a broker to review the property and possibly receive a gift from the developer.

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So, in conclusion, buying your timeshare online can be a great way to save a lot of money and completely skip the high-pressure sales tactics at the presentations.

If you have any remaining questions about buying a timeshare online or would like to get a free consultation with one of our licensed agents on how to find the best timeshare for you and your family, feel free to give us a call or fill in a contact form at

Thanks so much for listening and Happy Travels!