Buying a Marriott Timeshare Online

Not so long ago, the only way to buy a timeshare was to go to a presentation or hope to see one in the classified ads in the newspaper or quarterly timeshare newsletter. The high pressure presentations are very stressful and you may end up buying something that they don’t necessarily want.

Buying online from a timeshare broker is not a high pressure environment.  Other advertising methods were slow and limited to certain groups. Now that the internet is available to nearly everyone, buying a Marriott timeshare online can be a significantly easier way of finding your dream vacation ownership.

Buying a Marriott Timeshare from a Broker

With advanced search engine marketing strategies and access to a variety of industry outlets, a timeshare broker can make it easy to find the timeshare a prospective buyer is looking for. Google alone logs over 400 million unique visitors doing about 2 billion searches per day.

With an online presence, a timeshare broker can have access to sellers from around the globe. This is great for buyers because that allows for a large variety of properties to choose from at any given time. If you are unable to find the exact resort or season that you’re looking for, your timeshare broker has the ability to seek out specific properties and find sellers based on the needs of their buyer.

Is Buying a Marriott Timeshare Online Safe?

If a buyer uses a reputable agent and company to purchase their timeshare, it is very safe and cost effective. These brokers should be licensed and have a good BBB rating.  Some companies will ask for a large sum up front for marketing or advertising. This type of arrangement is most commonly a scam and reputable brokers won’t ask for those kinds of fees. In fact, brokerages work hard at keeping listings free for the sellers and will only collect a commission when the property is sold.

Online advertising has many advantages, cost wise and many others, for both the seller and buyer. This is because it reduces administrative costs of advertising and time to sell the property will be quicker for some properties. This translates to cheaper properties for the buyer and less fees for the seller. At any point, a broker can have dozens of Marriott properties available in their listings.

Buying through a presentation can be a very stressful and high-pressure experience. For a free consultation with a licensed broker, feel free to contact us.