How To Book A Reservation with Westin Timeshares

Congratulations! You’ve purchased a Westin Vacation ownership. If you haven’t and are still doing your research, good for you. Making an informed purchase is exactly what we are trying to promote. Westin resorts are apart of the larger, Starwood Vacation Network (SVN). We’ll be laying out how to book a Westin reservation along with much more helpful information for Westin by Starwood owners.

Making Westin Reservations

The first thing to cover before you begin your Westin vacation planning is the different kinds of ownerships offered for purchase. Your booking options will differ slightly based on whether your ownership was purchased directly from the developer, or if it is a Mandatory or Voluntary resale purchase.

You can learn more about these concepts by reading our article called Westin Resale – Mandatory vs Voluntary Timeshare Resorts.

The graph below shows exactly which benefits you can use from your Westin ownership depending on whether the ownership was purchased from the developer at a presentation, or on the resale market. Resale purchases are divided into mandatory and voluntary resorts.

Developer Direct Mandatory Resale Voluntary Resale
Home Resort Reservations Yes Yes Yes
Trade for other SVN Resorts Yes Yes No
Available StarOptions Yes Yes No
Available StarPoints Yes No No
Trade with Exchange Company Yes Yes Yes
Yearly SVN Fee Yes* Yes Yes

* Includes Interval International membership

Making a reservation during the Home Resort Preference Period begins 12 months prior to the desired check-in date. This period lasts from 12 months to 8 months prior to the desired check-in date. This reservation does not require owners to use StarOptions because StarOptions are used during the Starwood Float and Options Periods. The points are converted based on the value of your home resort week. Owners may only book their deeded unit size and season at their deeded resort. However, owners with a 2-Bedroom lock-off may book the 2-bedroom, 1-bedroom or studio. Owners have the option of booking through an online portal or calling owner services.

How to Book Online

SVN has the option to let their owners book their vacation reservations online at Once you sign in, you can review your membership and deeded ownerships. When you are ready to book, the online portal will allow you to book your home reservations 12 months plus 1 day at 12 am EST. For StarOption Exchange, owners may book 8 months plus 1 day at 12 am EST prior to check-in for full week reservations. Less than full week reservations may also be made within this time period. Once your reservation is made, you will receive an email confirmation for your transaction.

Westin Reservation by PhoneHow to Book Over the Phone

Some owners may prefer to book their Westin travel reservations by phone. The phone number to use is (888) 986-9637. A Starwood representative will assist you in booking your reservation. Home reservations via phone may be made 12 months prior to check-in. StarOption reservations can be booked as early as 8 months from the desired check-in date.

Home Resort Preference Period

Starwood Vacation Network allows owners to book their home ownership unit size, season and resort 12 months prior to the desired check-in date. Owners who purchased directly from a developer, Mandatory resale or Voluntary resale units are able to book their home weeks. The How Resort Preference Period duration lasts between 12 months and 8 months prior to check-in. During this time, owners have the ability to book a reservation based on exactly what they have purchased.

Starwood Float Period

Between 8 months and 0 days prior to your desired check-in date, Starwood Float Period allows owners, who purchased direct or mandatory resale ownerships, to trade their home week for full or partial week reservations using StarOptions. The use of StarOptions are only for exchanging with other SVN units. Owner may combine StarOptions from developer direct purchases as well as mandatory resale purchases to use on a single reservation. You may also borrow StarOptions from the next year. If you decide to do this, you must pay the maintenance fee in Westin reservations online

What Are The Benefits of Booking Online?

The one clear benefit of booking online is that members can book one day prior to phone reservations. For high demand seasons and units, this could mean the difference between getting your first choice reservation and settling for your next best choices.

Booking online may be easier or more convenient for members. It is more about personal preference than anything. If you don’t feel like talking to a SVN representative, you can book your Westin vacation online.

What Are The Benefits of Booking Over the Phone?

If you have specific questions regarding anything related to your Westin ownership or SVN, you can get immediate answers from the representative on the phone. It is best to call exactly 12 months ahead at 9:00 am EST to ensure your best chance of getting your ideal reservation.


Cancellations 60 days prior to arrival date will likely result in a cancellation fee from Starwood. If cancellations are made within this time period, reservations may only be made within 60 days of your check-in date. You may not convert these into StarPoints or roll over to future use years.

Interval International Exchange CompanyExternal Exchanges

SVN owners use Interval International as their main external trading company. Voluntary resale owners can use Interval to exchange their ownership for other SVN units or units from any other developer within the Interval catalog. Developer direct and mandatory resale owners can also use Interval International for exchanging. Starwood to Starwood exchanges receive a discount on the exchange fee when trading.

Owners who wish to use an external trading company to exchange for another unit must first contact Starwood to designate your unit for trading. You may call Starwood Owner Services or go online to designate your unit for trading. If you don’t do this first, you will eventually get stopped during the process with Interval. For a detailed article about trading your Starwood unit with Interval, click here.

Final Thoughts

There is a lot of information here but in practice, making a reservation for your Westin ownership is quite simple. For a free consultation about Westin or for more information about making your Starwood reservation, feel free to contact us.