How To Book Hilton Grand Vacation Club Reservations

Now that you have purchased your Hilton Grand Vacation Club property, and you are planning to book your ideal getaway. As an owner, you will need to understand what your booking options are. It’s good to know how you can book your vacation and we will go over the booking options that are available and the distinct benefits of each.

How to Book Online

HGVC owners have the ability to book their reservations online. To book online, you can start by  visiting the Hilton Grand Vacation Club website and use your member login to access the site. Once there, you are able to see and use your points to book your home resort or use ClubPoints to book any other HGVC reservation. Once you have chosen when and where you would like to go, the system will confirm your reservation and send a follow up email to your registered email account.

When booking your home resort, you are able to book up to 12 months prior to your desired checkout date, and for any other club resorts you are able to book within 9 months of your checkout date. Bear in mind that you are still subject to the exact same booking windows as booking over the phone.

How to Book Over the Phone

Hilton Grand Vacation Club reservation phone number will ask you to follow the voice prompts to be connected to an agent. Once you are on the line with a customer service representative, you will simply need to provide your membership information to access your account.  Once you have verified your information, you can ask questions about your account or make a reservation. To book a reservation, you will need to tell your representative which resort you wish to visit, the dates you want to go and the size of the unit that you want to stay. If you are using your ClubPoints, there is a three night minimum but if you are booking an Open Season reservation, the minimum drops down to two nights.

Making HGVC Reservations

Home Week Club Open Season
Date Range

12 months – 9 months

9 months – 1 Day

30 – 1 Days

Resort Available

Home Resort Only

Any Resort

Any Resort

Length of Stay

Full Week Stay

3 Night Stay

Minimum 2 nights stay


Full Year’s ClubPoints


Cash Only

Home Week Reservation Window

  • Begins 12 months prior to check-in and ends 9 months prior to check-in
  • Requires a reservation in the exact unit size and unit type (studio, 1 bedroom plus, etc) in the season (Platinum, Gold, etc) that the member purchased for the full week based on the fixed check-in date for your home resort.
  • The entire annual allotment of ClubPoints assigned to the home resort week is used.
  • The flexible point based system doesn’t apply during the home week booking period. HGVC works like a floating week system during the Home Week window.
  • Only ClubPoints earned in the use year can be used in the home week window. Borrowed, Rescued or Deposited ClubPoints can not be used in the home week window. (For a discussion about these types of ClubPoints please see Section 5)

Club Reservation Window

  • Begins 276 days (9 months) before checkout and ends 1 day prior to check-in
  • Allows all members to use their ClubPoints to book any season, any resort (including their home resort), any unit size and/or type for any number of nights (minimum of 3 nights)
  • All members have an equal chance at booking any HGVC resort during the Club Reservation window.

Open Season Reservation Window

  • Begins 30 days before check-out through 1 day prior to check-in
  • Allows all members to use cash only to book any season, any resort (including their home resort), any unit size and/or type for any number of days (minimum of 2 nights)
  • Option is only available to members for their personal use only (members must check-in).

Hilton HHonors Program

In addition to booking benefits, membership with HGVClub also allows membership into Hilton Hotel Corporation’s loyalty program, Hilton HHonors. This membership in HHonors is a Silver VIP level. To date, HGVClub charges $76 for a conversion transaction when done online, and charges $99 over the phone. When converting these points, the values are fixed depending on the size of the unit and season owned. The fixed rate for converting the current use year’s points is 20 HHonors points to one Club Point and using next year’s points converts at 25 to 1. Conversion for West 57th Street in New York can be as high as 50 HHonors points to 1 Club Point.

Members are able to use HHonors points for multiple different services and features, including stays at Hilton owned and affiliated hotels across the globe and frequent flyer miles at partner airlines. Members are also able to use points interchangeably. They are able to use HHonors points for Club reservations, as well as use Club Points to make reservations at participating HHonors hotels without needing to convert. For more details regarding the HHonors program, visit the website at The Club Points to HHonors conversion benefit will still transfer to owners who purchase from resale brokers outside of HGVC.

RCI Exchange

An owner is also able to use their points to trade into RCI, in order to exchange into over 3,500 worldwide resorts. For this feature, standard RCI exchange fees apply, and one is able to see the RCI exchange rate in the chart located within the fees section of this article.

If an ownership involves a deeded week, one will have a season that is referenced within that week. The season will determine both the size of the unit one is able to book as well as the number of points needed to book said unit. If owners would like to learn more about seasons with HGVC, they can feel free to follow the points charts found below in this article, or email any of the authors of this article.

booking HGVC reservations onlineWhat Are The Benefits of Booking Online?

Booking either online or over the phone have their own distinct differences and benefits. Online reservations are charged a smaller reservation fee than booking over the phone. This saves you a bit of money for each reservation.

This may be to incentivize owners to book reservations while minimizing phone line congestion for customer service agents. Booking online is also a benefit for those who may find themselves pre-occupied during the booking process, as they are likely to not miss important information that a customer service representative may disclose to them. This is also a good way to book for those who prefer to have important information in writing. When you book the reservation you receive immediate email confirmation and you can physically view all of your travel information before finalizing your timeshare reservation booking.

Booking online is also a great benefit for those who are still possibly considering other properties for their vacation. While you are in the process of booking your reservation, you have access to the full resort directory. While in the process of booking or on a lazy Sunday afternoon, HGVC owners always have access to all the information of their ownership with just a few clicks.

booking hilton reservations over the phoneWhat Are The Benefits of Booking Over the Phone?

You may have additional questions or concerns that need to be answered before booking a reservation. Speaking with a customer service representative allows for a personally tailored experience to each customer, ensuring that your vacation booking goes as smoothly as possible and any concerns or details are fully clarified prior to finalizing your vacation.

Booking via phone may be a preferred booking method for those who have more dynamic travel needs or many inquiries regarding properties; a one-on-one conversation with trained service representatives allows you to obtain the details required for booking your upcoming vacation. Additionally, booking over the phone can be a more relevant benefit to those who find themselves on the go and are not at home to book online.

What’s The Verdict?

Better understanding your booking options and the process it takes to book your property can help you get the most from your Hilton Grand Vacation Club ownership. If you have any additional questions regarding booking your Hilton Grand Vacation club reservations, feel free to contact us to speak with one of our licensed timeshare resale agents.