Best Hilton Spring Break Timeshare Resorts

Spring break is not always what it is portrayed on television and the movies. If you’re looking for the college style spring break, however, you can find it here. But, if you want to have a romantic getaway or perhaps something off the beaten spring break path, this list will give you some great ideas of where to visit for your next spring break destination.

South Beach

Hilton’s South Beach Resort is going to be a couples paradise for spring break. Although south beach has an extensive bar scene, you will find more fine cocktails than cheap beer. South Beach has an air of sophistication all while you are able to lay out in the sun with a fine cocktail or visit the many diverse districts in the area. During your stay, you might even catch a sighting of a famous celebrity or business mogul as this is a popular destination for celebrities.

New York City

West 57th Street will be the most unusual spring break destination on this list because it does not offer many of the stereotypical draws of a spring break vacation. With so many restaurants and attractions, your trip is sure to live long in the memory. Even though New York is primarily an over 21 city, there are plenty of things for families and underage family members can do while visiting the greatest city in the world.


Fiesta Americana Villas Cancun will be a fabulous spring break destination. Offering parties nearby while having the luxury of a gated resort to ensure your comfort and distance from the fun when you need some quiet time to yourself. This destination offers the option of a quiet and relaxed spring break or a week long Mexican adventure.

Whistler, British Columbia

Club Intrawest in Whistler is going to be the coldest spring break destination on this list. If you’re not ready for winter and ski season to end, then head up to this Club Intrawest location for late season snow sports. If you’re looking for the speed of the downhill or something a little more low key, like snowshoeing, you will be in luck. And when you are done with you outdoor fun, come inside and have a warm beverage in your luxury accommodations.

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