The Features of Hilton Resale Timeshares (Video)

Hilton Timeshare Ownership Benefits

Hello, my name is David, and welcome to the Benefits and Features of Hilton Resale Timeshares. Today we’ll be discussing what you, as an owner, will have access to when you purchase an ownership. And later, we’re going to be showing you how to use your Hilton points in some unexpected ways like taking a cruise, going on a safari, and even staying at the thousands of Hilton Hotels across the globe, so stick around!

Hilton’s Resort Network

Hilton Grand Vacation Club has a vast network of over 45 resorts in the most popular vacation destinations. Ranging from Vegas to Thailand, Hilton’s resort portfolio is second to none in the timeshare industry. These resorts are designed with the highest quality in mind, ensuring the most luxurious accommodations for owners. HGVC amenities include features you might be used to giving up when you travel such as a fully equipped kitchen, in-suite laundry, or a layout that provides living areas separated from private rooms so the whole family can travel in comfort. Why give up the basic amenities you would already have in your home?

Booking Flexibility

The diversity of booking options that your HGVC points give you, is unmatched. While you do have to purchase a particular home resort, which you are deeded to, using your points for a vacation at any of the other HGVC resorts is just as easy.

Hilton offers guided journeys and outdoor adventures that can be redeemed with your club points. Go kayaking, experience an exhilarating safari or take a relaxing cruise with the same points that you use to book your timeshare vacation with.

If you would like to visit a location where Hilton does not have a property, just call your the hilton reservation phone number and your representative can connect directly to RCI, the world’s largest timeshare exchange company.

Hilton has access to RCI’s database allowing you to call one number for both your regular booking or exchanging needs.

Timeshare Exchange

Exchanging is a great way to extend your Hilton timeshare. With over 6,000 resorts available to trade with, every owner can find the right destination. As a Hilton owner, you are able to trade with RCI directly through the HGVC reservation number, and your annual RCI membership fee is already paid by your regular Hilton fees.

SFX is a California based exchange company that only accepts the highest rated properties into their exchange inventory. This means that if you are an owner of a highly rated property, you know that when you trade with SFX, you are only trading into the best properties in the world.

Hilton Grand Vacation Club is known for the quality and excellence of their properties, giving owners excellent trading power. This means Hilton properties are very easy to trade for another location. The better the property and week, the easier it is to trade.

Hilton Hhonors Program

Hilton Hhonors program is a unique addition to the collection of features that come with your HGVC points. Owners have the option of converting their points to HHonors points for use at the thousands of hilton hotels around the world. Although many of the big hotel chains offer timeshares, the Hilton HHonors program is a distinctly unique feature of HGVC ownership, and really sets it apart from other name-brand vacation clubs.

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