Attending Timeshare Presentations Just For The Gifts

Attending Timeshare Presentations Just For The GiftsA common question among those who are new to timeshares is, “Is attending a presentation worth getting the gift / trip?” The answer varies based on what you are trying to get from the presentations. When on vacation, attending timeshare presentations may not be the ideal way to spend your time.

Attend Early, Attend Often

If you are looking to take advantage of the cheap trips promised by retail timeshare companies in order to see multiple locations, you may not be able to see as much as you like. Most clubs will put a cap on the number of trips and gifts you can receive from them without buying a timeshare. This cap is usually between one and three. Hopping from company to company and getting as many trips as you can is all well and good, but there is most likely a better way to spend your vacation time than attending timeshare presentations.

Avoid Presentations

Not every retail presentation is the same, but a common theme is the high-pressure selling strategy and manipulation, even omission of crucial facts. Whether those facts are about the contract or how to use your timeshare, the simple fact is there is a better way to get information about a timeshare. Speaking to a licensed resale broker can give you a more consultative approach to buying a timeshare.

Resale timeshares are going to be, in general, significantly less expensive than retail. When you stay at a timeshare property, whether you bought it resale or retail, you will be staying in the exact same accommodations. And buying from a trusted and licensed resale broker, you will receive a consultation to find out what the best timeshare will be for you and your family.

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