Anniversary Date – WorldMark, the Club Phrases

When dealing with timeshares that feature points-based booking, the anniversary date is the date on which the ownership is awarded its points, or usage, for the year. For Worldmark, the Club each account is assigned a month of the year in which it will receive it’s credit allotment. Generally, the month assigned to the account is correlated to the month in which the ownership was originally purchased at a presentation.

For WorldMark credits, each account will receive their credits on the 1st day of the month that the account has been assigned. The owner will have 24 months (or 2 years) to use their credits from the date they were originally awarded. The credits just need to be booked prior to expiration, and not actually traveled on. WorldMark also offers a grace period of 1 month, to ensure ample booking time.

For example, an owner with an anniversary month of January, will receive their credit allotment on January 1st 2013. Due to the fact that the credits can be booked 13 months in advance, the owner could wait all the way until February 28th, 2015 (remember the 1 month grace period?) to book a reservation, without losing credits. The reservation could theoretically be booked as far out as March 31st, 2016 (13 months out).

As you can see this system creates a huge window of opportunity to utilize your credits, and avoid losing them to expiration. Contact one of our agents for more information about the WorldMark program.

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