Affordable Spiritual Retreats

Discover how affordable and easy planning a spiritual retreat can be.

Have you ever left like you just needed to get away and recharge your batteries? From our experience, the avid traveller will not only seek out adventure, but with our hectic lives in today’s world, more and more travellers are asking the question.

What is a Spiritual Retreat?

We would like to invite you into a whole new way of thinking about your vacation. Forget about deadlines and hectic schedules. Many people are anxious to see as much as they can see, and maximize what little vacation time we have with our loved ones. Just for one trip, one week out of your life, let go of the deadlines, and allow yourself to take a spiritual journey. There are many prime locations for this very purpose. We have listed a few ranging from affordable to rather expensive.

Give Me Some Ideas for a Healing Spiritual Retreat

Sedona, Arizona

Ever since the 1960’s there has been a fascination with this red rock desert land. Many travellers seek spiritual and even physical healing from meditating in the ‘energy vortexes’ that are scattered across Sedona. Now there are even guided hikes that visit renowned places like Boynton Canyon. Boynton Canyon offers some of the most beautiful scenes and is a great vacation destination for nature seekers, even if they aren’t looking for a retreat. Sedona has been viewed as a spiritually powerful place for quite some time, and with it being right in our backyard, it tops our list as most affordable spiritual retreats.

Esalen Spiritual Retreats, California

Spiritual people such as Joseph Campbell and Deepak Chopra have visited this spiritual center. It is spread across 27 acres of beautiful Big Sur coast. The retreat offers more than 500 workshops including massage, mindfulness and martial arts.

The centre even has its own garden full of fruit and vegetables. Therefore the food is always fresh and healthy. People come to this center in search of personal development and conversation with other people on a similar pathway.

Ala Kukui, Hawaii

The name of the center, Alai Kukui, means “Pathway of Illumination”. People come to this center in search of creative expression, spiritual restoration, deep dialogue and intercultural exchange. Hana is known as the land where the heavens meet the earth because of its breathtaking beauty.

The spiritual retreat has an amazing view of Haleakala, which is Maui’s beautiful mountain. People come here mainly for personal growth and this is achieved through the global awareness and appreciation of Native Hawaiian cultural values. The center offers various programs including Tibetan sand mandala painting, Vipassana meditation and a weekly writer’s workshop which is run by Hana writers of all ages.

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