The Advantages of Hilton Ownership

The Advantages of Hilton OwnershipWhen searching for a club to purchase timeshare ownership, you may find the various options a bit daunting. It may feel as though an exhaustive amount of research is necessary in order to make sure you are getting the type of ownership that best suits you. Luckily, there are concise and beneficial pieces of information available to you which encompass the structure of these well-known timeshare brands. Within this article we will go over Hilton Grand Vacation Club, or HGVC, and touch on the advantages of Hilton ownership.

Flexible Booking

With Hilton Grand Vacation club, your booking structure works on a points-based system. With this, you are able to book in a few different ways. These ways can range from your own home resort which you are deeded to when you purchase your timeshare ownership, to using your points to book an extensive amount of locations inside the HGVC network. This affords travelers of all types the freedom to book where they want and for the time of the year they are seeking. Booking in advance is usually recommended since the resorts operate on a first-come, first-served basis, but you also have the option of open season in the event you choose to pay cash and are someone who books much closer to your actual check-in date.

flexible booking with hilton timesharesExtensive Resort Network

As mentioned above, there is an enormous resort network you are able to book or trade. This is due to not only Hilton’s own amount of resorts, but also your ability to trade with RCI which affords you near 6,000 individual resorts. This is a number that is highly enticing to the frequent traveler, and someone who seeks new experiences and sights. With timeshares sitting all around the world in the most premier locations, you would be hard pressed to find yourself lacking fresh and exciting travel options.

Additional Booking Options

On top of being able to access a long list of attractive resort locations, you are also able to use your points for other methods of booking, such as RV rental, cruise ship booking and even motorcycle travel in the event you are truly wanting to spice up your travel life. These benefits are the icing on the cake for travelers looking to expand their horizons.

With illustrating these robust benefits of owning a Hilton timeshare, you are a large step closer to choosing the right ownership club for you and your vacation needs. If you have any additional questions regarding HGVC and the benefits of Hilton ownership, feel free to contact us.