How To Combine WorldMark Timeshares

A WorldMark timeshare combination is when an existing owner purchases another timeshare and combines it with their existing ownership. The club actually offers lower maintenance fees when ownerships are combined together, so there are some benefits to learning how to combine WorldMark timeshares.

Specifically when you need to know how to combine WorldMark timeshares, an owner can choose to combine their existing ownership with another account. Generally, this take place as the result of an upgrading the ownership, where the buyer is seeking more vacation time and wants to have one maintenance fee and one owner number after the sale is complete.

Convenience When Booking

Keeping track of your accounts will be easy once they are joined together. You’ll keep your same owner #, and award month, so there’s only one online login and one pool of credits to reserve from. This can cut out having to transfer one time use credits, or book reservations separately between your accounts.

Lower Maintenance Fees

There is a maintenance fee benefit to combining ownerships, as WorldMark’s maintenance structure uses a tier-based system to calculate maintenance liability.

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Annual Credits Annual Billing Quarterly Monthly

$394.30 $98.58 $32.86
5,001-7,500 $514.16 $128.54 $42.85
7501-10,000 $634.02 $158.50 $52.83
10,001-12,500 $753.88 $188.47 $62.82
12,501-15,000 $873.74 $218.44 $72.81
15,001-17,500 $993.60 $248.40 $82.80
17,501-20,000 $1,113.46 $278.36 $92.78
20,001-22,500 $1,233.32 $308.33 $102.78
22,501-25,00 $1,353.18 $338.29 $112.77
25,001-27,500 $1,473.04 $368.26 $122.75
27,501-30,000 $1,592.90 $398.23 $132.74
30,001-32,500 $1,712.76 $428.19 $142.73
32,501-35,00 $1,832.62 $458.15 $152.71
35,001-37,500 $1,952.48 $488.12 $162.70
37,501-40,000 $2,082.34 $520.59 $173.53


As you can see above, the more annual credits owned, the less per credit an owner will pay to maintain their ownership, thus providing better value.

Housekeeping Tokens

Each account will be awarded one housekeeping token annually. After reaching 20,000 annual credits, you receive 2. At 30,000, you’ll receive 3 tokens annually. For example, if you are combining a 6,000 annual account with your existing 6,000, resulting in a 12,000 annual credit account, which means you get 1 token annually, as opposed to getting 1 token for each account. This is the only detriment to an owner, and not an issue if the resulting account totals more than 20,000 credits.

When comparing the costs, two (2) 6,000 annual accounts would cost $514.16 X 2 = $1,028.32 annually. The alternative is paying $753.88 annually for a 12,000 annual credit account when combining the accounts together. Also, you can purchase housekeeping tokens for less than $60.00 by contacting one of our agents.