A Few Words About Timeshare Trading

Definition: Exchanging timeshare ownership week(s) at one location for another location on either the same or differing week using your timeshare company, third party exchange company or private transaction.

The Spice of Life

Trading your timeshare weeks or points can be a great way to change up your yearly vacation routine. There are many different types of owners; some go back to the same property every year whereas some owners will never visit their ownership property and use their points to visit other properties around the country and world.

It Can Be Easy

Trading does require a bit of extra work but it can be an easy process with big rewards. Based on the current fair market value of your ownership week or based on the number of points you own, you can trade those in for weeks are another location. If the value of your property is high, than you can use that to trade for multiple weeks at another location. If you don’t have enough trading power to get the location you want, you may also be able to borrow points from your next use year to afford the trip.

Thousands of Resorts

Using a third party exchange company such as Interval International, SFX or RCI gives you more options than just the properties in your own timeshare club. There are thousands of locations that are in the timeshare market and you can trade your own week/points to gain access to them based on availability.

If you have any questions about trading, please feel free to contact us.