5 Vacation Tips For Your Next Honolulu Trip

Getting the most out of your vacation is what everyone strives for. Whether you’re traveling with your timeshare resale, or just renting hotel rooms, with these 5 tips, you can enhance your Hawaiian getaway without adding to the cost or stress.

1. Get Out of the Hotel

Take the day to learn the culture and explore the smaller places. The smaller places off the beaten path will make you want to revisit. There is a rich culture and heritage and when you go into local spots that might be missed by the every day tourist, you will find a reason to come back year after year.

2. Find A Local and Ask Directions

Ask for a good place to visit around the island. This plays off of the first tip. The locals know the best spots and if you show a genuine interest in learning about their culture and where they come from, they will point you in the right direction.

3. Go During Christmas

If you have the opportunity to take the family away during Christmas, Honolulu is perfect for that time of year. The weather is going to be great and if you’re used to a white christmas, you won’t be freezing. It is not a traditional destination for many Christmas travelers and you can avoid large crowds. Rather than fighting the crowds in a snowy mountain town, hit the beach and enjoy a tropical holiday.

4. Leave the Attitude at Home

Hawaii is a very different place than on the mainland. The relaxed vibe is everywhere and there’s no need to get an attitude. The locals are awesome, but don’t upset them. Instead, adopt the laid back vibe and mellow out on a beach. Part of the fun of traveling is absorbing the culture from a new place, so kick back and ‘chill brah.’

5. Honolulu Traffic is Bad

The road infrastructure of Hawaii was not designed to handle as many cars as there are in the city. This city is big and the island is not, causing a lot of congestion. Just be prepared for lots of traffic and long car rides. If you can walk, you will probably get there faster than if you were to drive. Renting bikes to go to breakfast or dinner can be a great alternative as well.

If you have questions about achieving your perfect Hawaiian getaway for thousands less through timeshare resale, feel free to contact us for more information.