Timeshare Articles

  • Can I Take My Pet To My Timeshare?


    Many current and future timeshare owners are pet owners as well. When going on vacation, it can be difficult to find someone trustworthy to watch your pet while you are away. Kennels are a good option but can get expensive.…

  • What Is A High End Timeshare Ownership?


    At Selling Timeshares, Inc., we are proud to say we only deal in high-end vacation ownerships, but what does that really mean? How do you compare timeshare ownerships on the resale market to ensure you’ve purchased the timeshare with the…

  • How Timeshares Can Help You Have A Healthier Vacation


    Now that the year is close to ending, and you’ve settled back into a daily grind, you are probably searching for ways to keep the health and weight loss spark alive. One of the best ways to begin a weight…