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  • What is the Resale Value of a Hilton Timeshare? (Video)

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    Published on Mar 3, 2015 Learn more about the factors that determine an HGVC timeshare’s value on the resale market. Watch our video guide to assessing the value of your Hilton timeshare property. TRUTH ABOUT TIMESHARE PRESENTATIONS: http://www.sellingtimeshares.net/a-few-thoughts-on-timeshare-presentations/ RIGHT OF…

  • Do HGVC Resale Timeshare Purchases Maintain Their Value?


    Buying a Hilton Grand Vacation Club (HGVC) timeshare ownership is an investment in a new vacation lifestyle¬†that can be enjoyed for many years. Knowing that your resale timeshare purchase will maintain its value over the life of your ownership can…

  • How To Use HGVC Points Charts For Vacation Planning (Video)

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    Published on Feb¬†25, 2015 Learn how to find some really useful resources hosted on our website, and how to use them for either planning your next vacation, or figuring out how many points you should be buying to make sure…