Timeshare Articles

  • Is Travel Insurance Worth the Cost?


    Buying insurance is like buying something and hoping that you never have to use it. When the day finally comes, and you need it, the investment in having insurance was worth the cost. Or was it? We are going to…

  • How to Decide Where to Buy Your Timeshare Deed


    Deciding what location is best to buy your timeshare in is probably one of the first steps in selecting a vacation ownership to purchase on the resale market. Whether you are looking into a vacation club that offers a deeded…

  • Use Our Timeshare Glossary To Go From Beginner To Pro


    Here at Selling Timeshare Inc., we want to educate the timeshare community. Yes, we know it is a lofty goal but who wouldn’t be proud to have changed the face of an entire industry? Slowly but surely, we believe we…