Timeshare Articles

  • How Long Does it Take to Transfer a Timeshare Resale?


    There is a simple process to transfer a timeshare when you are looking to sell, or if you are looking to purchase an ownership. If you chose to use a licensed resale timeshare broker, most of the transfer process will be…

  • Interval International’s Travel Demand Index

    Interval International’s Travel Demand Index

    Interval International offers thousands of timeshare owners the opportunity to get more from their ownership than just traveling to the same location year in and year out. Of course, there is absolutely nothing wrong with using your timeshare as such.…

  • How To Trade Marriott Weeks With Interval International

    Marriott Timeshare Exchange and Trading Power

    When dealing with week-based Marriott Vacation Club ownerships, owners will be able to utilize Interval International to facilitate a trades for traveling to other resorts within the Marriott timeshare collection. In addition to trading for other Marriott resorts, members may also…