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    We’re constantly striving to offer content you’d love to read or watch. If you have an idea you’d like us to cover, whether through video or through written word, feel free to let us know! We will be taking your…

  • Top Timeshare Myths & Misconceptions Busted!

    timeshare Myths and misconceptions busted

    Timeshares are too expensive, and offer a poor value to the owner. BUSTED! When the salesperson at the presentation you’re attending sells you a property that is marked up by 300% of the resale value, then finances the purchase at…

  • Buy or Sell Hilton Timeshare Resales

    buy hilton timeshare resales

    Are you looking into buying or selling a Hilton timeshare resale? Now is an exciting time to learn more about the HGVC resale industry! With discounted listings up to 65% off presentation pricing, our licensed brokerage has helped thousands of…