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  • Best Timeshare Locations for Shopping on Vacation

    Best Timeshare Locations for Shopping

    Here at Selling Timeshares, we have compiled a list of our 5 best cities in the country for those timeshare travelers looking to shop ‘til you drop. Shopping alone won’t help these cities make the cut. Each city brings another x-factor to help make this list. So, get…

  • How To Use The HGVC Open Season Program


    Whether you’re visiting your home resort, or making a reservation anywhere else within the HGVC collection of resorts using your points, HGVC timeshares are known for being extremely flexible. In addition to utilizing your ClubPoints, you have the flexibility of taking last-minute trips without interfering with your annual allotment…

  • Top 5 Things Timeshare Sellers Need To Know

    Top 5 Things Timeshare Sellers Need To Know

    Selling your timeshare ownership, for whatever reason, shouldn’t have to be confusing, or cost you an arm and a leg. The timeshare resale industry is seemingly filled with hurdles for sellers. From dealing with unlicensed listing agencies that charge upfront fees, to post card companies scaring the elderly into…