Timeshare Articles

  • Cut HGVC Maintenance Fees When Buying or Upgrading

    cut HGVC maintenance costs

    Are you interested in getting a usable amount of HGVC points, while keeping your maintenance fees as low as possible? In this article we’ll be exploring just that! We thought we would try something new, and show you a question…

  • Timeshares For Sale By Owner

    timeshares for sale by owner

    Published on Aug 13, 2015 Are you confused as to why certain timeshares, that are for sale by owner, are sold for huge discounts on the secondary market? You can spend a ton of time learning the differences between presentations and resale…

  • Hilton Adventure Travel: Discover Guided Journeys


    Did you know your Hilton Grand Vacations Club ownership can take you on an adventure? If you’re growing weary of the normal vacation, read on to find out how to utilize your Club Points to inject some excitement into your life!…