Timeshare Articles

  • Timeshare Presentations: What To Expect


    Timeshare presentations have gained a reputation giving away a free trip to a resort and all someone has to do is sit through a presentation for a specific amount of time. Is this really all that happens? Is it ethical…

  • Clarification on HGVC Activation Fees

    HGVC activation fees clarified

    Are you confused about what it actually costs to buy an HGVC timeshare in 2016? We constantly get asked by our clients what fees are involved beyond the purchase prices listed on our website for HGVC resales. In this article…

  • The Four Best Types of Timeshare Getaways

    best types of timeshare vacations

    When deciding on your ideal travel destination, there are multiple factors to take into account. The time of the year and location can have a real effect on the tonality of your timeshare getaway, so searching for right type of…